UCSB orientation cont (still day 1 tho)

uhm learned how to sign up for classes
and ate dinner
then had a little panel-like announcement about the personal and social aspects of attending ucsb

yuhknow, how to party safely and not to be afraid of the cops cos they aint tryna call you out. they just wanna help whoever needs help (like a passed out friend or idk). & that seniors know how to drink & ride their buzz and shit

uhm, and yuhknow that ucsb isnt that much of a party school. that its all normal, and we’re all a community and whatnot.

and then a social, which was eh. therr was a shitty pump on a water jug that got everyone struggling

plus there wasnt much for me to do since im not a social butterfly lol idk how to talk to people

so i went back to my room AND SURPRISE
my roommates there and shes getting ready to see her boyfriend

and like, im here sweating my fat ass off because i get sweaty when im intimidated

like srsly everyone here is so beautiful and im here fuxking sweating. like, omg

ssooooo i went to my parents room to get shower stuff and ended up showering there instead of my own floor lol

but like, yeah lol so now im here, and its 11:14 and im laying in the dark tryna sleep

hopefully she wakes me up in the morning. cos i know i sleep hella deep esp when im tired and thirsty LOOOOL i should brought more water

slowly, the number of people who know about #1 is growing LOL

I really fucking hate that whenever he does ANYTHING to me, or when he says ANYTHING to me.. like, ANY CONTACT FROM HIM, no matter what and no matter how small….
I obsess over it

I don’t know why. I don’t like that it’s like this, cause fuck him LOL

he’s a piece of shit. HE’S A DIRTY Q-TIP ugh

over-analyzing LOL

like, really. okay
so he bumped my pictures
meaning he went through all of my shit
and at every picture, he tried to think if that was a day that anything happened between us



seriously, fuck him.

PS some dude in my group looks like he could be Bi Rain’s son.. is Bi Rain bore children with hairless legs. LOL.

like, this nigra’s legs are like… SMOOOOOOVE

UCSB Orientation Day 1 (edit later)

If I get to take my orientation schedule home then it’ll be easier to recap everything that happened
but really quick
i was super scared i wasn’t going to like, i dunnnonoooo talk to people LOOL
I did
so like, yeah
also, like, i exchanged numbers with this girl who has a brother in law who lives ONE BLOCK AWAY from the SD convention center. SO LIKE, LOL
she was like, HMU if you go to comiccon again next year LOLOL
got dang
also, uhhh for the most part i walked around with the international students from china and another girl from i think San Jose (we also exchanged info .. like FB and snapchat awh yeah)
also, i’m using the laptops that the UCSB orientation advisor lent our group (group 9 btw)
uhm but like yeah

LOL I found this on one of my old dead blogs

"His smile, so bright, illuminates the night sky.
His laugh, so musical, often echoes through my mind.
He tells me his secrets with a whisper that tickles my ears.
He often lets me know he’ll always be here.
The sweet scent of his skin, and the soft touch of his lips on mine.
How can I possibly wait for that day, for the time when my dreams and my reality intertwine?”

what a fuxking nerd LOOOL

my parents are spooning in the bed next to me and idk what to feel about it LOL

I had the nicest chat with maddie on snapchat :’)

i wish i got the time to know her during the year


LIKE OMMMMGGGG i was so intimidated by her cos i thought she was so cool but shes really humble and fun



and now i gotta leave her for college ugh


Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say fuck it.
UCSB orientation

uhhh my orientation is on thurs, july 31st
but we came on july 30th and rhey let us stay in a dorm room together until our actual orientation date lol

so we settled in and walked around the little hiking running path near the beacb LOL and then i wanted to sleep so i went back to the rokm

and so like, yeahhhh. okay

UCSB is pretty big. it looks like its own little city lol

but then again i thought narbonne was huge LOL

Ill grow out of this scared freshman state sooner or later. my main fear is being sweaty and smelly lolol





My sister keeps coming into the room and doing this.


The world needs to see this.

The laughing is the killer

why she laugh like she got an eye patch and is tryna take over the world


dame dame ningen LOL
im not the only one who looks back and remembers

your first is unforgettable LOOOOL

im scared for orientation omfg

i didnt sleep at all

plus, idk what to bring

im really scared of being alone

i dont know how to function by myself

day before orientation auuggh

sebas said not to wear a key club shirt or else i’ll look like a loser

well i dont give three fucks about that

i dont feel like socializing with people whose first impression of me is that im a loser just cause im not wearing a nice blouse with a brand name on it LOL

imma walk up in this bitch wearing my band shirt and imma have my bitch face on and i’ll only say hi and be nice to anyone who’s nice first.

im really jusy hoping to find other band geeks. like, srsly LOL

but also cos i really like that shirt and i dont have nice clothes anyway

fuck everyone LOL

LOL im so thirsty
i need help lol